Concentrated Photovoltaic Market By Concentration levels (High and Low), By Technology (Refractor and Reflectors), By Application (Utility-Scale, Commercial, and Others) & By Geography- Global Trends and Forecast to 2019


◆タイトル:Concentrated Photovoltaic Market By Concentration levels (High and Low), By Technology (Refractor and Reflectors), By Application (Utility-Scale, Commercial, and Others) & By Geography- Global Trends and Forecast to 2019
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This report estimates the concentrated photovoltaic market in terms of value. The global concentrated photovoltaic market is segmented based on their concentration levels, which include high, medium, and low. The market is further segmented on the basis of regions such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East & Africa, and Americas as well as on the basis of technologies such as refractors and reflectors. This has been further split into major countries for the respective geographies.

The global concentrated photovoltaic market is witnessing a strong growth due to the awareness of renewable energy resources in Asia-Pacific the Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Americas. The increase in the importance of renewable energy resources and high efficiency output, with low cost, in the concentrated photovoltaic market stream is one of the key drivers of this market.

We have used various secondary sources such as encyclopedias, directories, and databases to identify and collect information that was useful for the extensive commercial study of the global concentrated photovoltaic market. The primary sources, experts, manufacturing organizations, service providers, and end-users from the industry, have all been interviewed to obtain and verify critical information as well as to assess the future prospects of the concentrated photovoltaic market.

We have also profiled the leading players of this industry, along with their recent developments and other strategic industry activities. Some of these include: Amonix (U.S.), Soitec (France), Isofoton (U.S.), Semprius (U.S.), Solar Junction (U.S.), SunPower Corporations (U.S.), Suncor (U.S.), SolarSystems (Australia), Zytech Solar (Spain), Magpower (Portugal), and Ravano Green Powers (Italy).

This report also touches upon various important aspects of the market. These include analysis of the value chain, cost-break up analysis, drivers, restraints, burning issues, winning imperatives, opportunities, Porter’s Five Forces model, and the competitive landscape. In addition to this, 11 key players of this market have also been profiled.


Table Of Contents

1 Introduction (Page No. – 14)
1.1 Objectives
1.2 Analyst Insights
1.3 Market Investment Analysis
1.4 Report Description
1.5 Market Definitions
1.6 Market Segmentation & Market Aspects Covered
1.7 Stakeholders
1.8 Research Methodology
1.8.1 Approach
1.8.2 Market Size Estimation
1.8.3 Market Breakdown & Data Triangulation
1.8.4 Key Data From Secondary Sources
1.8.5 Key Secondary Sources Used
1.8.6 Key Data From Primary Sources
1.8.7 Assumptions Made For This Report

2 Executive Summary (Page No. – 27)

3 Market Overview (Page No. – 29)
3.1 Introduction
3.1.1 History & Evolution
3.2 Market Definition
3.3 Market Segmentation
3.3.1 On Basis of Technology Reflector Parabolic Mirror Reflector Refractor Fresnel Lens Luminescent Concentrators
3.3.2 On Basis of Concentrated Level High Concentrated Photovoltaic Low Concentrated Photovoltaic
3.3.3 On Basis of Application Utility-Scale Commercial Others
3.3.4 On Basis of Geography
3.4 Market Dynamics
3.4.1 Market Drivers Renewable Energy Resources Higher Efficiency With Low System Cost Less Land Requirement
3.4.2 Market Restraints Limited Locations With High Direct Normal Irradiation Lack of Acceptance of Technology
3.4.3 Market Opportunities Big Players Are Moving Into Cpv Markets Vast Project Pipeline
3.4.4 Burning Issues Bankruptcy Lack of Bankability
3.4.5 Winning Imperatives Technology Advancement
3.5 Value Chain Analysis
3.5.1 Introduction Raw Material Resources Cpv Component Supplier Cpv Module Manufacturer Cpv Developer Cpv Plant End-Users
3.6 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
3.6.1 Power of Suppliers
3.6.2 Power of Buyers
3.6.3 Threat of New Entrants
3.6.4 Threat of Substitutes
3.6.5 Degree of Competition

4 Premium Insights (Page No. – 48)
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Asia-Pacific Region Dominates The Market For Types
4.3 High Concentrated Photovoltaic Lead The Global Market, 2013-2019
4.4 Concentrated Photovoltaic Market: Regional Scenario, 2013
4.5 Market Estimation & Growth Analysis, 2013
4.6 Concentrated Photovoltaic Market Share, 2013 & 2019

5 Concentrated Photovoltaic- Cost Analysis (Page No. – 57)
5.1 Concentrated Photovoltaic – Cost Breakdown of High Concentrated Photovoltaic Components
5.2 Cost Breakdown of High Concentrated Photovoltaic Components

6 Concentrated Photovoltaic Market, By Technology (Page No. – 61)
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Global Concentrated Market, By Technology
6.3 Americas
6.4 Europe
6.5 Middle East & Africa
6.6 Asia-Pacific

7 Concentrated Photovoltaic Market, By Concentration Level (Page No. – 71)
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Global Concentrated Market, By Concentration Level
7.2.1 Americas Market, By Concentration Level
7.2.2 Europe Market Size, By Concentration Level
7.2.3 Middle East & Africa Market Size, By Concentration Level
7.2.4 Asia-Pacific Market Size, By Concentration Level

8 Concentrated Photovoltaic Market, By Application (Page No. – 81)
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Global Concentrated Market, By Application
8.2.1 Utility-Scale
8.2.2 Commercial Application
8.2.3 Others

9 Concentrated Photovoltaic Market, By Geography (Page No. – 90)
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Concentrated Market, By Geography
9.3 Asia-Pacific
9.3.1 Industry Trend
9.3.2 Supporting Measures Golden Sun Program The Bipv Subsidiary Program The Solar City Program The Solar Homes and Communities Plan Feed-In Tariffs in Taiwan
9.4 Europe
9.4.1 Industry Trend
9.4.2 Supporting Measures Feed-in Tariff For Solar Power Net Metering (Scambio Sul Posto) Grenelle Environmental Plan Feed-in Tariff For Solar Photovoltaic
9.5 Middle East & Africa
9.5.1 Industry Trend
9.6 Americas
9.6.1 Industry Trend
9.6.2 Supporting Measures Sunshot Initiative Solar America Initiative

10 Competitive Landscape Key Findings (Page No. – 108)
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Key Players of The Concentrated Photovoltaic Market
10.2.1 List of Key Players
10.3 Contracts & Agreements Leads The Way
10.4 Market Share Analysis & Rankings
10.4.1 Markets Share, By Annual Installed Capacity
10.5 Contracts & Agreements
10.6 Mergers & Acquisitions
10.7 Other Developments

11 Company Profiles (Page No. – 125)
11.1 Amonix
11.1.1 Introduction
11.1.2 Products & Services
11.1.3 Strategy & Insights
11.1.4 Developments
11.1.5 SWOT Analysis
11.1.6 MNM View
11.2 Isofoton S.A.
11.2.1 Introduction
11.2.2 Products & Services
11.2.3 Developments
11.3 Magpower
11.3.1 Introduction
11.3.2 Products
11.3.3 Strategy & Insights
11.3.4 Developments
11.4 Ravano Green Powers
11.4.1 Introduction
11.4.2 Products & Services
11.4.3 Strategy & Insights
11.4.4 Developments
11.5 Semprius Inc.
11.5.1 Introduction
11.5.2 Product & Service
11.5.3 Developments
11.5.4 SWOT Analysis
11.5.5 MNM View
11.6 Soitec
11.6.1 Introduction
11.6.2 Products & Services
11.6.3 Strategy & Insights
11.6.4 Developments
11.6.5 SWOT Analysis
11.6.6 MNM View
11.7 Solar Junction
11.7.1 Introduction
11.7.2 Products & Services
11.7.3 Strategy & Insights
11.7.4 Developments
11.8 Solarsystem
11.8.1 Introduction
11.8.2 Products & Services
11.8.3 Strategy & Insights
11.8.4 Development
11.8.5 SWOT Analysis
11.8.6 MNM View
11.9 Suncore Photovoltaic Technology Co. Ltd.
11.9.1 Introduction
11.9.2 Products & Services
11.9.3 Strategy & Insights
11.9.4 Developments
11.10 Sunpower Corporation
11.10.1 Introduction
11.10.2 Products & Services
11.10.3 Strategy & Insights
11.10.4 Developments
11.10.5 SWOT Analysis
11.10.6 MNM View
11.11 Zytech Solar
11.11.1 Introduction
11.11.2 Products & Services
11.11.3 Strategy & Insights
11.11.4 Developments